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          is owned and operated by the Economic History Association
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          The MeasuringWorth website is independent of and is the home to 12 comparators where you can ask questions such the annualize growth rate of 44 historical series, the relative historic value of four different currencies that allows you to convert past values into current values (and vice versa), stock growth, inflation rates, and hypothetical savings and retirement calculations.The site is also home to over 100 historic data sets of GDP, wages and earnings, interest rates, exchange rates, gold prices and other economic variables as far back as 1209.
          Graduate Programs in Economic History
          For the student thinking about graduate school, has conducted a survey of graduate programs in Economic History. The replies are presented here.
          Recent Book Reviews
          Book review archive
          Forthcoming Book Reviews
          Great Books in Economic History
          A set of two dozen review essays commissioned by that examine books that have had a significant impact on the field of economic history.
          International Economic History Association Congress